The Lizard Peninsula is unique. Stunningly beautiful at any time of the year, there is nowhere quite like it anywhere else in Britain. It is for this reason that the Lizard has been a continuing source of inspiration for artists and writers. Almost surrounded by the sea, the peninsula stands alone, in a very real sense, from the rest of the county. In a line from London to Landís End, the backbone of Cornwall is a route to somewhere.

The Lizard. Not a cross-roads, a junction, or a place to drive through, but a journeyís end, a destination. Standing proud in the sea, the peninsula presents a rugged face to the elements, yet paradoxically the climate is probably the warmest in Britain. The air is crisp, clear and unpolluted by industry. The rocks and cliffs of the coastline offer shelter to the tiny fishing villages huddled into their coves, looking now much as they did centuries ago.

Small cottages, thatched and whitewashed, cluster around tiny harbours. Colourful fishing boats, pulled up on the beach, bear testimony to the fact that these small communities still depend largely on the sea for their livelihood. Winter is a quiet time here. The fishermenís choirs sing in their local pubs, and the harbours are decorated with lights and lanterns for Christmas.

It is an ancient place, where history is indelibly inscribed on the landscape. For these reasons, the Lizard Peninsula has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is recognised as being of international botanical importance - and here you can find 15 of Britainís rarest plants! The warm local climate has led to the abundant growth of sub-tropical vegetation, and a constant profusion of colour all year round.

"One Place . . . Four Seasons"

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